Casting Service - U.S.A.

Caterpillar in Brazil

Caterpillar Inc. - USA

Cifunsa Automotive Parts Foundry - Mexico

Cummins Brazil Ltda

Cummins Inc. - USA

Fiat Auto SA

Ford Brazil S. A.

Ford Company Ltd (England)

General Motors do Brazil SA

General Motors Corporation

M.W.M - Diesel SA

Magal S.A.

Mercedes of Brazil Ltda

Nemak of Brazil Ltda

Scania Latin America SA

Teksid Brazil Ltda - Aluminum Division and Iron Division

Teksid Italy - Division Crescentino

Teksid Mexico SA de C.V.

Teksid Inc. - USA

Tupy SA - Brazil

VolkswagenBrazil S.A.




Rua Costeira, 100 - CEP 03573-010 
Jd. Arise - São Paulo - SP - Brasil 
Phone (55) 11 2344-8199 / Fax (55) 11 2783-1780 
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