Founded in 1967, the Modelação Santa Rita established itself in the market by the wide experience gained during these years, developing tools combining speed and quality


Tooling of various complexities for all kinds of needs and requests of iron foundries, steel, aluminum pressure (die casting) ,gravity and low pressure foundries.



These requests made of Modelação Santa Rita became specialized in tooling for production of blocks and engine heads, Intake manifolds and Exhaust and a great variety of automotive parts.




Our team is constantly trained and updated, allowing us to offer accuracy in CAD​​, CAE and CAM.




Rua Costeira, 100 - CEP 03573-010 
Jd. Arise - São Paulo - SP - Brasil 
Phone (55) 11 2344-8199 / Fax (55) 11 2783-1780 
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