Modelação Santa Rita,  prepares and executes projects 100% in CAD​​, using a wide range of software to meet their needs in 2D and 3D, either in solid or surface parameterized.




Making scale mock-ups of parts and tooling through 3D printing.


Ability to use a laser scanner to obtain mathematical modeling, reverse engineering, and controlling parts or toolings, 3D modeling VS. physics.


All 3D. model pass thru simulation CAM ensuring quality and providing security during machining.


The CNC machining are performed on-line linked to project.


As standard procedure, we adopt the dimensional control through dimensional DEA Scirrocco and Try-outs at our plant by Blowing cores at Hottinger customized to a wide variety of core boxes.



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Jd. Arise - São Paulo - SP - Brasil 
Phone (55) 11 2344-8199 / Fax (55) 11 2783-1780 
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